Are you ready for Reggae Fest 2018? Bigger and better than ever!, 2 stages! Scholars Word feels so blessed to be sharing our world with you. We feel like if you know us a little better on a personal level, we can connect with our fans on a whole new level. Be a conduit of healing energy! A conduit is one who channels positive energy. We can all be conduits. Let us all come together, and change the world!

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Mar 24, 2018 - Jerry's Tiki Bar & Grill - Get you tickets NOW!
Featuring Badfish a Tribute to Sublime, Bumpin Uglies, Hor!zen - 33 Inlet Harbor Rd - 12pm-2am
Ponce Inlet, FL
Oct 27-29 - Hulaween 2017 - Suwannee
9379 Co Rd 132
Live Oak, FL
Nov 7 - Surfer The Bar - $15 @ the Door
Featuring Pato Banton & The Now Generation - 33 Inlet Harbor Rd
200 1st Street N. Jax Beach, FL
Nov 10 - Rootfire After Party - Cocoa Village

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Cocoa, FL

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After over a decade on the scene and 11 CD releases to their credit, SCHOLARS WORD is still going strong into 2017. While touring on their library of work the band is once again recording new material independently and with Humble Ark Studios in Virginia. Look out for SCHOLARS WORD in 2017 across North America and check out their new album - Conduit now in stores and on-line now!

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Summer 2016
Don't miss Scholars Word Playing up and down the East Coast and beyond! Support Original Music!!
Mon, 14 Dec 2015
Scholars Word releases 11th Album! Check out their latest music.
Sat, 26 March 2016
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The best one so far! Check out all our upcoming shows!!
April 9, 2016
Thank you to all who came out and joined us at the Afroman Show!

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Scholars Word are the real deal, and with songs like “Can’t Turn It Off” and “Perseverance Dub,” which have the uncanny ability to instantly put you in a good mood, their ninth album Perseverance demonstrates that they have every aspect of truly modern reggae on lock.
- Allison Arteaga
Scholars Word took the stage around 10:30, and instantly stirred up the crowd when they dropped the first beat only verifying Ted’s endorsement. This band was certainly a cool surprise. Scholars Word has a familiar roots reggae sound as they’re very engaging with catchy dub sounds, that is real easy to jam along with. It was obvious the members of Scholars Word all have played for many years. They are really talented and were fun to watch tear up the stage. Their sound and style really reminded me of SOJA. Scholars Word was a great pick to open for Passafire.
- The Pier.org
I’d like to believe that there are a lot of people out there who are pretty open-minded when it comes to music. Usually, I’d count myself as a member of that group, but when it comes to deciding what I’ll actually put on my iPod, it’s an entirely different story. An iPod playlist is kind of like sacred ground, and only the most worthy songs make the cut. With that said, every single song on Perseverance, the newest album released by Jacksonville, FL-based reggae band Scholars Word, is headed straight for my iPod, and as soon as you give it a listen, I guarantee this album will be making a beeline for yours as well.
This is homegrown reggae from the heart by a group that has a grip on roots reggae and a better understanding of what's going on in the world than congress and the president combined.
- Chuck Foster - The Beat Magazine
Florida based Scholars Word take a traditional approach to reggae, with heavy drum and bass riddims, thoughtful lyrics and a mystical, slightly ominous tone that makes you tune in and take heed.
- Tom Orr - WorldMusicCentral.Org
Scholars Word continues to establish themselves as one of the more dependable reggae bands in the US... "HOW LONG" is one of those albums you can throw on and not have to worry about hitting the fast forward button. If anything, you might want to hit rewind.
- Reggae.reviews.com
Yankee reggae bands usually fall into two camps. One set tries to perfectly imitate Jamaican reggae and the other set takes reggae as a starting point and then heaps doses of rock, funk, rap etc. Scholars Word leans toward the traditional reggae camp, but also nicely puts their own stamp on things. Sweet saxaphone introduces the title cut and then dubwise effects kick in followed by conscious lyrics about saving the environment and ceasing war. "Part of Me" is a nice insight on the power of how the wordsound power of reggae can impress on people's lives and change them forever. This cd features nine vocal tracks and the atmospheric "proton Dun". If you are a fan of conscious US bands like S.O.J.A. and Groundation, Scholars Word would fit nicely in your collection. Recommended.
- Ras Adam Simeon - niceup.com
Solid performers with a real vibe that can be felt through every song live and on any of their CD's. Quality music and quality musicians.
- Joel Waymire


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Sit Back on Sunday and dub this track!!! Featuring Steve Martinez!!! SW NEW CD CONDUIT ARRIVING NEXT COUPLE DAYZ!!! Listen
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Thank You Jah featuring Tha General...Crucial track!! Listen
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DJ Dub One droppin rootz...SW goin on second set now!!
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This track is off SW Dub collection....called Malachi... Listen
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Take a listen to SW past albums!!! Our new cd CONDUIT will be in next week!! Listen
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RUM Fest Dec. 10th! Come out and join us!
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Scholars Word plays Local Heros! on Dec 11, 2015.